Carlisle Machine Works
Oxygen Concentrators

Extreme Oxygen Mega Series Oxygen Concentrator

The Mega series of oxygen concentrators can suply oxygen for most Carlisle bench burners. Check out the specifications below to see which concentrator works for your torch.

Model Operating Pressure (PSI) Flow per Minute (LPM) Flow per Hour (SCFH) Torch
Mega 20 18-20 20 42.38 Hellcat, Mini CC, Wildcat
Mega 25 18-20 25 52.97 Hellcat, Mini CC, Wildcat
Mega 30 18-20 30 62.57 CC
Mega 35 18-20 35 74.16 CC, Black Widow, Piper
Mega 40 18-20 40 84.76 CC Plus

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