Carlisle Machine Works

Extreme Oxygen Concentrators

By using PSA technology similar to what you see in the medical field, Extreme Oxygen units create oxygen by filtering air through sieve beds. This gives you an uninterrupted source of oxygen that lasts anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 hours of use before extended maintenance needs to be performed. Their units provide a cost effective and convenient alternative to typical setups by eliminating the need for an external oxygen source, providing a constant and reliable flow of oxygen.

How Extreme Oxygen Products Work

Extreme Oxygen products re-manufactures medical generators to operate at higher pressure and purer oxygen. They take room air and push it through a series of filters using their modified compressors. These filters separate the oxygen from the other gasses, giving you oxygen purity approximately 10% higher than medical grade oxygen. This means a hotter flame.

Service And Support

Upkeep on their machines is minimal and easy. Regular or routine maintenance only consist of the customer changing the filters monthly. In the event that additional maintenance or repairs are required, they stand behind the products that they provide. All of their generators are backed by a 3-year warranty, provided that the routine maintenance is performed.