Carlisle Machine Works

In 1918, the corporation was trading as Carlisle Gas Burner Corp. and primarily manufacturing gas burner equipment. By 1939, the need for a larger bench mounted burner for scientific glassworking gave birth to the CC burner. This burner was developed by Carlisle in conjunction with Corning Inc. Over the next few decades, more and more glassworking burner equipment was brought on to our extensive line of products.

In 1982, the corporation went through a transformation. Frank E. Dougherty, Jr., formerly with Dougherty Brothers Co., changed Carlisle Gas Burner to Carlisle Machine Works, Inc. in order to incorporate some major changes. The "new" Carlisle was favored with significant product and application knowledge in the glass and plastic packaging industry. With Dougherty at the helm, the Automation Division was given life and subsequently evolved into the automation machine process and system integrator division, as it is known today.

In the 1980's and 1990's, the artistic glassworking movement helped to spur further development of the Gas Burner Division. Carlisle introduced several new burner and torch products to add to the CC burner line, including the CC Plus, #3 centerfire tip, and the RMB foot pedal to name a few.

In 1999, Carlisle changed locations, moving from the Municipal Airport, to South Wade Blvd. in the Millville Industrial Park. After 2000, Carlisle began offering a more extensive line of products for the artistic glassworker including accessory items like tables, shelves, and frit trays and still new products were born including the Carlisle Mini CC, optimizer option for the Carlisle CC Series, and the Carlisle CC++.

In early 2004, the owners of Carlisle decided to incorporate equine products under the Carlisle name. Carlisle also began the creation of an on site glass art school for artistic glassworking that is located next to our manufacturing facility, called The Carlisle School of Glass Art. This school offers classes to help develop glass artists of every level, and also brings together the creativity of the artists with the Carlisle's technology development team.

Today, Carlisle is still a family owned and operated manufacturing company. Their 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Millville, NJ, employs a staff of 24 people. Carlisle continues to be an enthusiastic partner to the glassworking community. By supporting the various glassworking societies through donations and involvement, we look to help the art of glassworking thrive in its new renaissance. The renaissance continues in our own company, as today our employees are offered the opportunity and are encouraged to work with various types of glass. Further working towards an increased understanding between technology and art.