Carlisle Machine Works

Quality Control

With your customer's becoming more and more price conscious, the high quality of your product is what will make your company standout from the competition. Quality control automation can give you the edge you need to compete and win in the marketplace. Carlisle offers automated solutions for quality control, allowing you to take advantage of cost effective equipment that offers inspection with little to no operator supervision. Over existing human inspection processes, these automated solutions return their investment in very little time.

Metal Detection

Usually seen in food and pharmaceutical processing, metal detection is a necessity when the FDA is involved. Many suppliers of products to the food and pharmaceutical industries, such as containers, are using metal detection to ensure that their items are also free from metal contaminants. Metal detection can be offered in many forms, from X-ray to radio frequency. The placement of these devices is often critical to the operation, as metal around the area of inspection as well as electromagnetic interference can severely impact the performance of these devices. As a full line designer and fabricator, Carlisle can integrate metal detection equipment into an existing system or offer complete automated solution for your needs.

Vision Inspection

Vision inspection systems have undergone tremendous leaps in technology over the years, offering systems that can do much more than check a barcode. Today's vision systems are utilized for everything from color recognition to total dimensioning of a product. Manufacturers using cameras can check their parts by virtually any dimension on their drawing. This powerful tool can also download the information gathered during inspection to spreadsheets and charts using statistical analysis software packages. The information gathered is then used to show trends for production, maintenance, etc. Having vision inspection in place on your automated systems allows you to maintain a 24/7 quality control practice with 100% inspection of all products.

Carlisle has worked heavily with vision for many years, producing camera systems to meet many varied demands. With a great deal of experience in the many trappings of implementing these systems, Carlisle can assist you in integrating these robust systems into your production line.

Leak Detection

Most often with containers, leak detection systems using pressure sensitive measuring devices are used to ensure that the product is free from defects. Often, the feature rich leak detection systems available in today's market can lessen the need for other types of inspection systems through the use of height detection, seal integrity, and inside neck diameter checking.

Leak detection is a proven technology with several different options. Working with Carlisle, we can help you to find the right fit for your application, and work with you to integrate this technology into your complete quality solution. Even for products that may lack stability or are simply hard to handle, Carlisle has designed systems that can tackle these challenges.