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Remote Flame Controllers

Carlisle VMB4 The Carlisle VMB and SVR Controllers are metering and mixing units which allow for precision control of flame. The VMB and SVR work well with both pre-mix and surface mix flames. There are also units available to handle combination burners where both surface mixed and pre-mixed flames are required.

Both VMB's and SVR's are constructed from aluminum blocks. The blocks are then fitted with precision Carlisle valve stems to offer fine metering control of the gases. The valve stems used are comparable to the 42S valve. The valve stem itself is constructed from stainless steel and the valve assembly is manufactured from brass. The handles of the valves are color coded to reduce confusion during operation. The fuel gas valve handles are red while the air/oxy valve handles are green.

The inlets of the VMB's and SVR's are standardly set at 1/2". This can be altered if specified to be either 1/4" or 1/2" on the fuel gas inlet or the air/oxy inlet. The outlets for the VMB Controllers are 1/4" and the SVR Controllers are 3/4". Each VMB and SVR comes supplied with hose adapters for both the inlets and outlets.

VMB Controller

The VMB Controller has a smaller capacity than the SVR. It is mainly used for the metering of fuel gas and oxygen combinations, although it will work with fuel gas and air. There are three units of VMB's which are available in addition to the specialty units which can be created by Carlisle for your specific applications.

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