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Venturi Mixers

#12 Venturi Mixer Carlisle burners have several distinct types of flame. One type of flame is a surface mix flame, where the gases (gas and air, gas and oxygen) mix outside of the burner as they are being consumed by the flame. Another type of flame is a pre-mixed flame, where the gases mix in a chamber before exiting the burner. Some pre-mixed burners use mixing chambers that are internally built into the torch, while others use an external mixing device like the Carlisle Venturi Mixer.

The Venturi Mixer has inlets for both the fuel gas (natural gas, propane) and the air (and/or oxygen). Inside the mixer body, the Venturi Mixer mixes these gases properly and distributes them through the outlet. This mixing ratio is controlled by the sizing of the Jet and the Throat that are part of the mixer body.

When the higher pressure air or oxygen is brought into the mixer, it must pass through the Jet. By limiting the size of the Jet, the mixer controls the amount of air that is capable of entering the mixing chamber. The fuel gas enters through its side inlet unrestricted into the mixing chamber. The pressure of the air pushing through the Jet mixes the gases together and forces them out through the Throat at the proper ratio. A zero governor regulator is recommended for this application.

The Carlisle Venturi Mixer is manufactured of brass hex for a sturdy construction. The 15 mixer has been precision built so that the inspirator cap and the body are held together by a vacuum.

Carlisle Venturi Mixers are available in both the standard drilling sizes indicated below, and custom drilling sizes dependant on the total port area of the burner(s) used. For sizing of these custom drilled mixers, your Carlisle Sales Representative will be happy to compute the Required Jet and Throat.

There are some cases when an operator may need to mix together three types of gases. The most common example of this would be when fuel gas and air are combined with the option of bleeding in oxygen for a more intense flame. This can easily be accomplished with the Carlisle Venturi Mixer by ganging two of these together. The first mixer is used to combine the air and oxygen. Its mix outlet is then attached to the air inlet of the second mixer where the fuel gas is introduced. This is quite often referred to as a "piggyback" system. Your Carlisle Sales Representative can also size the custom drilling for these setups as well as the standard setup. Pre-assembled venturi and valve systems can be ordered to your specifications as well.

V Series Inspirator

V-3 Inspirator The Carlisle "V" Series Inspirator is constructed from a cast iron body with some brass pieces in the assembly. These Inspirators are used to pull atmospheric air to be used for the mixture of gas and air. By adjusting a shutter, the operator can control the amount of air that will be pulled into the inspirator and used for the mixture. This is very similar to the familiar design of a Bunsen burner shutter. By closing off the shutter, a gas rich flame can be produced. This design offers a great range of possible mixing ratios. Machining of the throat and careful aligning of internal parts insures maximum efficiency of these inspirators. This allows the "V" Series Inspirator to maintain a constant gas/air ratio throughout the range of firing rates.

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