Carlisle Machine Works

Orthodontic Burners

Orthodontic Blowpipe

The Carlisle Orthodontic Blowpipe offers a very sharp and hot flame that can be used in a multitude of applications. The burner head is a separate burner that is threaded onto the body. The body is very compact. It offers two hose connections and two valves with a mixing chamber internal to the body. The valves are color coded with a green handle for the oxygen side and a red handle for the gas side. The body is a attached to the sturdy base via a ball joint. This ball joint connection offers exceptional positioning of the burner head. The Orthodontic Blowpipe can be used with either propane or natural gas and oxygen.

Dental Waxing Burner

The Carlisle D-1 Dental Waxing Burner is used by Dentists and Dental Laboratories to obtain a smooth wax finish on inlays, crowns, set-ups, etc. This burner has a long sleek design that is perfect for its hand held application. On the back of the burner is a hose connection and on the front is a small tip. The D-1 Dental Waxing Burner can be used only with natural gas.

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