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Flashback Arrestors

Carlisle Flash Back Arrestors

The new 8491 Series re-settable flashback arrestors offer 4 safety devices in each unit. Safety features include protection against flashbacks with a wide range of mixtures of oxygen or air with flammable gases including hydrogen, acetylene, methane, and LPG gases. The design includes a built-in non-return (check) valve to stop reverse flow and a thermal shut off which stops gas flow in the event of a hose or pipe line fire. An easily re-settable pressure control stops gas flow in the event of reverse flow or a flashback that creates 10 psig back pressure. This feature alerts the user that a reverse flow or a flashback of greater than 10 psig has occurred. These units are easily re-set by pulling up on the pres- sure control ring, no disassembly of the gas line or special tools are needed. The 8491 Series high flow capacity makes them suitable for a broad range of applications. Units are U/L listed and meet ISO 5175, EN 730, BS 6158, and AS 4603 standards.


100% flashback tested after assembly
U/L listed and meets strict international standards
Working Pressure:
Acetylene @15.0 psig
Hydrogen/oxygen @50.0 psig
Hydrogen/air @150.0 psig
LPG @50.0 psig
Oxygen @143.0 psig

Materials of Construction

Body: alloy 360 brass
Internal: brass
Flame Barrier: stainless steel
Elastomers: Neoprene

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