Carlisle Machine Works

Product Handling

From belt conveyors to robotics, Carlisle has been providing product handling solutions for over 30 years. With many innovations over that time, Carlisle has successfully taken on the most difficult product handling issues. Orientation, size, shape, and material are all factors that we will consider when developing the right application to meet your needs.

Belt and Chain Conveyors

More than just fabrication, we engineer our conveyors for your project. Carlisle manufactures conveyors of all sizes for all applications, building them with a durability that is second to none. Our conveyors can be made of several different materials including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and plastics of any variety.

Belt and chain selection is critical to the success of a conveyor system. Carlisle is continually advancing technology through necessity, working with the most advanced technology available. For your project, we can help identify the right belts and chains for your conveyance system.

Tilt Bed Box Shifter 48 Inch Broiler Conveyor Oven With Exhaust Hood Flaming Conveyor With Combustion, Ignition, And Touchscreen Control Boxes For Two Sides, And An Overhead Burner Configuration

Product Orientation

Using technology such as centrifugal bowls or vibratory units, products can be oriented without marring. Carlisle also works with side grip belting and physical turning devices to allow products to be turned on end or rotated into position. A consistent orientation is necessary for today's precision manufacturing technology. Carlisle will guarantee the success of your orientation systems, with consistent performance.

Product Handling Adjustable Angle Incline Conveyors With Fabric Belting

Product Accumulation

Accumulation is used to allow for dwell time in a production line, while using as little floor space as possible. Accumulation beds, spiral conveyors, and zigzag conveyors are methods for product accumulation that are utilized in our designs. Carlisle engineers these systems to offer accumulation with specified dwell time and first in first out capabilities.

Bottle Transfer With Vision System


From tumble pack diverters with weigh scale measuring to robotic pick and place units using box shifters, packaging is a unique segment of Carlisle's automation division. Each one of your products in every line requires specific attention concerning packaging. Carlisle can develop the solution that provides dedicated service to one product type, or create a robust system that recognizes the difference in products to react accordingly. A versatile packaging line can create efficiency, lowering the overall cost of production and increasing profits.

Flaming And Packaging Conveyor System

Air Conveyors

When working with products that are fragile or sensitive to contact with other materials, air conveyors can provide a consistent transport with very little to no contact involved. Carlisle provides air conveyors and the air power supply systems needed to run this versatile equipment. Although the technology is already in wide use, air conveyors are still finding new uses today. Carlisle can help you to determine if air conveyance is feasible for your project.


Robotics is used in many areas of today's industry for both small and large scale needs. As robotics has become a more cost effective option, Carlisle has seen this equipment as a viable option to provide smart product handling solutions. Our ability to integrate robotics into your equipment provides a strong partner for you in a rapidly changing technology.

Robot With Rotozip, Drilled Port Burner, And Ignition