Carlisle Machine Works

Notice To All Carlisle Users

There is an unauthorized company advertising Carlisle torch repair. PLEASE BE ADVISED that this company is not using original Carlisle parts or Carlisle techs to make these repairs. We strongly advise that you DO NOT solicit any unauthorized company for your Carlisle torch repairs. Carlisle Machine Works will NOT take responsibility for the damage that may result and may be unable to reverse the damage.

PLEASE ALSO BE ADVISED that Carlisle does not sell the internal parts and components of our torches. The repairing and replacing of these components is intricate and must be done by a qualified Carlisle technician at our South Jersey location.

We have been in the business of manufacturing burners for 99 years located in Millville, NJ USA. All of our torch components are manufactured by us to strict quality Carlisle standards. Thank you to our loyal Carlisle customers!