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Carlisle Torch Updates and Add-ons

There have been a number of add-ons that you may find interesting to install on your torch. For example:

Colored CC Torch Heat Exchangers

Low Profile Marver

Centerfire Add-On for Surfaced Mixed Torches

Lucio Updates

Do you want to add a little flair to your CC torch?

Stand out in the crowd with a different color heat exchanger. Just give us a call for pricing.

Carlisle CC Heat Sink

Now How About Productivity?

Out of the flame and right onto the marver. The low profile marver provides convenience and easier access.
Carlisle Low Profile Marver

We also do that in an "L" marver fashion.
Carlisle Low Profile L Marver

How about a necking tool?
Carlisle Low Profile Necking Marver

Wouldn't it be nice to have the marver built in as opposed to strapped on? You tell us. Sure it's an option. Now you have something to think about for your CC productivity.

Centerfire Add-On for Mini CC, Wildcat and Hellcat

Carlisle has had a request a number of different times to add on a center fire like the CC torches to our all surfaced mixed models. Our group got together and came up with the following.
Carlisle Center Fire Add On

This option fits on the Mini CC, the Wildcat and the Hellcat torches. Perfect for those fine designs. The add-on is actually our "Shorty" Universal Hand Torch that has been integrated into the Mini or other torches using the Mini CC base. As you can see the marver can also be attached for your convenience.

One more thing before we leave the surface mixed torches is the quick disconnect for the centerfire add-on. Though shown on the Black Widow Piper(below), the quick disconnect can be added to any of our surface mixed models, however, its either the quick disconnect or the marver. Pick one.
Carlisle Center Fire Add On

Lucio Updates

The Lucio has had the most changes recently with the introduction of the Lucio Grande. At the request of Lucio another row of ports has been added. He seems to be quite pleased with the results and is working with it now.

Carlisle Lucio Grande

Once we had the larger torch we discovered rather quickly that the torch had to be elevated. Originally we used the flexible Black Widow Base but then came up with the Limited Edition base for the Lucio or the Lucio Grande. The Limited Edition base along with the porous steel marver is shown below.

Carlisle Lucio Grande    Carlisle Lucio Limited