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PK Burner

The Carlisle PK Burners are manufactured from a brass housing with a stainless steel tube assembly. The tube assembly allows the PK Burner to surface mix a wide range of fuel gases. The PK is capable of utilizing oxygen mixed with either propane, natural gas, mixed gases, or hydrogen.

Carlisle PK Burners While primarily designed to burn with a relatively soft and intensely hot fire, the Carlisle PK Burner can also be used with a turbulent, high velocity flame. In fact, this burner has an almost infinite possibility of flame characteristics. Although, it should be noted that when using a low soft flame, oxidizing effects should be maintained. Reducing or normalizing fires in the low flow range will cause premature burn-out of the stainless steel tube assembly. The tube assembly itself is angled slightly inward towards the center of the assembly, giving a focused effect.

Carlisle does offer the PK Burner in a totally stainless steel version. This option will prolong the life of the burner by decreasing burner degradation. This option is designated by a "SS" added to the burner number of each individual PK Burner. The housing of the PK Burner has two inlet feed ports which are sized 1/8" FPT. The fuel gas inlet is located center back while the oxygen inlet is found on the PK's side.

As always, Carlisle is willing to work on any special designs that would suit your particular needs. The PK Burner could be manufactured in a hand torch model or even with a water cooling option.

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NOTE: Do you currently use, or plan on using Hydrogen as a gas? Please view our Hydrogen warning.