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Centerfire Add-On

Carlisle has had a request a number of different times to add on a center fire like the CC torches to our all surfaced mixed models. Our group got together and came up with the following.

Carlisle Centerfire Add-On

This option fits on the Mini CC, the Wildcat and the Hellcat torches. Perfect for those fine designs. The add-on is actually our "Shorty" Universal Hand Torch that has been integrated into the Mini or other torches using the Mini CC base. The "Shorty" torch, set up with either the #3 or #5 centerfire tip, is mounted on top of the all surfaced mixed torch allowing for more detailed and intricate work.

The Centerfire Add-On includes the following:

  • (1) "Shorty" Universal Hand Torch with 1/4" nozzle
  • (1) Adjustable mounting system which attaches the "Shorty" above the Mini CC, Wildcat, or Hellcat torch. This allows the "Shorty" to be moved forward and back.
  • (1) Hose Kit: Tying both the Mini CC/Wildcat/Hellcat gas/oxygen feeds and the "Shorty" gas/oxygen feeds together so that both can be fed off one set of supply hoses.
  • (1) Customers choice of #3 or #5 centerfire tip.

The following can also be added onto the Centerfire Add-On (for an additional fee). Either a marver or the quick disconnect feature for the "Shorty". If you add the quick disconnect to the "Shorty", the marver cannot be attached to the main torch.

Centerfire Add-On with Marver Quick Disconnect Option
(shown on Black Widow Piper)

Carlisle Centerfire Add-On with Marver

Carlisle Centerfire Add-On with Quick Disconnect

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