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C702 and C705 Hand Torches


C-702 Hand Torches offer a flame similar in all characteristics to the CC Burner. They are manufactured in both totally surface mixed versions,and also with a pre-mixed center fire and surface mixed outer fire. These Hand Torches come in a variety of different setups as listed below.


This hand torch model is totally surface mixed and may be utilized with a single VMB-2 controller.


Carlisle C-702 LHT Hand Torch Identical to the C-702-HT save that it is equipped with a longer and more ergonomic handle.


Much like the CC Burner, this torch uses a pre-mixed center fire with a surface mixed outer fire. For controls it is recommended that a VMB-4 mixing control block is used.


Identical to the C-702-CF-HT save that it is equipped with a longer and more ergonomic handle.


Similar to the C-702-CF-HT this hand torch is equipped with a push button which controls a set of solenoid valves for the outer fire. One push of the button can either turn the outer fire off or on without having to adjust any valves.


The C-705 Hand Torch, like the C-702 can be all surface mixed or it can have a pre-mixed center fire. Customer's preference at time of placing order. This allows for a wide variety of fuel gases including natural gas, propane, and hydrogen with oxygen. This torch can be ordered with valves (photo at left) or special mixing devices such as the VMB-2. The C-705 Hand Torch model is a very customizable item. A few of the available options are listed below. Carlisle C-702 Hand Torch with Valves

Angled Head

This option will allow the torch to be ordered with a head angled anywhere from 1° to 90°.

Water Cooling

By slipping a jacket over the head of the C-705 Hand Torch, we can give the added heat resistance and decreased burner degradation of a water cooled head.

Stainless Steel Head

The C-705 is normally manufactured from brass with a stainless steel tube matrix. With this option, the handle would remain brass while the entire head would instead be constructed from stainless steel. This option will also help to decrease burner degradation.

Wooden Handle

With this option an ergonomic wooden handle is added to the feed tube.


Valves can be added directly to the base of the torch rather than working with a remote metering system such as the VMB-2.

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NOTE: Do you currently use, or plan on using Hydrogen as a gas? Please view our Hydrogen warning.