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Unecon Hand Torch

Carlisle Unecon Hand Torch The Unecon Hand Torch is based on the popular Universal Hand Torch design. Both designs feature brass construction with chrome plating for the nozzle and the tubes. Red and green valve handles constructed of aluminium are standard on both with the mixing assembly internal to the torch. The difference between the Unecon and the Universal Hand Torch is that the Unecon uses a dead lift lever coupled with a wooden handle. This lever will allow the gasses to flow freely when depressed and will shut off the flow when released. This helps to maximize the efficiency of the torch while retaining a certain valve setting. The wooden handle provides for operator comfort by utilizing an ergonomic design. The Unecon Hand Torch can be used with a mixture of natural gas, propane, or mixed gas and air or oxygen.

The Unecon Hand Torch is available with either a 1/4" Nozzle (1/4"-28M thread) or a 3/8" Nozzle (3/8"-32M thread). Both can be used with a mixture of either gas and oxygen or gas and air. The two nozzles are interchangeable. However, the two nozzles utilize different carburetors for mixing of the gasses. The 1/4" Nozzle uses the #74 Carburetor and the 3/8" Nozzle uses the #34 Carburetor. It is important to note that when changing the nozzle to a different size, the carburetor must also be changed.

The nozzles accept a wide range of tips that are available in a variety of materials. Many will attach to the hand torch with the threading on the nozzle. However, some may need an adapter. The Hanger has an eye on the tube for hanging the Unecon Hand Torch. There is also a pilot on the end that is adjustable via a pet cock valve. The Hanger clamps to the work bench with a vice assembly. On the base of the Unecon Torch Hanger are two hose adapters on either side. These are for connecting gas and oxygen through the Hanger, which is necessary in order to feed the fuel gas to the pilot. If your application requires a special design for the Unecon Hand Torch or its accessories, please contact your Carlisle sales representative to discuss your custom needs.

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NOTE: Do you currently use, or plan on using Hydrogen as a gas? Please view our Hydrogen warning.