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Hand Torches

"Shorty" Torch

One of the unsung heroes of the Carlisle line of Universal Hand Torches is the "Shorty" hand torch. In recent years it has been incorporated into a number of the Carlisle Line of surface mixed Bench torches.

The "Shorty" has been integrated into the Mini CC, the Wildcat, the Hellcat and the Black Widow "Piper" as the Centerfire Add-On accessory. The "Shorty torch is integrated into the smaller torches to give the user greater control over the content of their glass art.

The "Shorty" is a flexible and multi-purposed hand torch that can use all of the tips in our 15A category (Piloted and Un-Piloted Oxygen Torch Tips). With the addition of a quick release mount the torch stands at the ready until needed and as previously mentioned can utilize all the torch tips from the tiny OX-1 through the OX-5 that is the same size as the one used on the powerful CC line of torches.