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Gas Oxygen Multiport Tips

Carlisle Gas Oxygen Multi-port Tips can be used on a number of different hand torches, machines, or in custom manifolds such as a crossfire setup. These powerful tips offer a wider flame pattern by providing several drilled C-536 Multi-port Tip ports in either a circular or perforated pattern rather than one single orifice. It is important to note that these Multi-port Tips are not piloted and therefore cannot be pushed as hard as a piloted orifice tip.

There are two separate types of Multi-port Tips available. The first line of tips is the C-536 line which features a circular port pattern. The C-536 line is constructed with a brass hex body and a stainless steel insert that is pressed and soldered into the body.

The second line of Multi-port Tips is the 1380 series. The 1380 series features a perforated port pattern with a stainless steel insert and a sectional brass body. The 1380 1380 Multi-port Tip series also offers an advanced insert method where the insert is threaded into the body to ensure that it will not blow out of the body during high pressure use. Both series of tips offer the stainless insert and the brass body construction since both metals serve a different purpose. The stainless insert resists face degradation while the body constructed of brass is a better dissipater of heat than the stainless. Also, both tips are offered in a 3/8"-32 and 7/16"-24 female threading. The C-536-53 tip is the only exception to this and is offered in 3/8"-32, 7/16"-24 and 1/2" NPT female threading.

The Multi-Port Tip series can be manufactured in special port configurations. Please contact your Carlisle Representative with your custom needs.

Custom Tips

Carlisle is always interested in offering the ability to manufacture special tips and designs to their customers specifications. There are several special tips that we deal with already. These range from altering a center drill port size of one of our standard tips, to manufacturing straight from a customer's drawing.

Please feel free to contact the Carlisle sales team with any specialty designs and we will be happy to work with you to create a competitive and workable pricing schedule for your needs.

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NOTE: Do you currently use, or plan on using Hydrogen as a gas? Please view our Hydrogen warning.