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JM Series Air Burner Tips

The JM Series Air Burner Tips are single orifice gas air burner tips that can run on a premix of gas and air or a supply of raw gas. The patented open fire design allows the single orifice centerfire and accompanying piloting to draw in atmospheric air through the venting in the bottom of the cup. This innovation allows the burner to run with atmospheric inspiration of the air. The JM Series Burner Tips can run on natural gas, mixed gas, and propane with or without air.

The JM Series is offered in several sizes from the JM-1 to the JM-17. The JM Series Burner Tips are manufactured from either stainless steel, plain steel, or cast iron depending on the size of the tip. Please see the chart for specific material information. Some tips are offered in several different thread sizes, to accommodate the many possible uses for these tips. There are also some tips that will have both female and male thread sizes listed. These units are double threaded and so have both thread sizes.

These tips are used in many different applications. They can be used in furnaces, pre-heat applications, soldering, jewelry manufacturing, pilot applications, and glass annealing to name a few. These tips work well with Carlisle Hand Torches and in custom assemblies.

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