Carlisle Machine Works
Lathe Burners

C-702 and C-705 Lathe Burners

C-702 Lathe Burner

The Carlisle C-702 Lathe Burner uses modified CC Burner heads in a 2, 4, or 6 head configuration. Each head is controlled independently through the use of remote metering blocks, such as the Carlisle VMB controllers. With such a fine control, the operator is able to produce flames anywhere from pin point to 1" in diameter.

The C-702 Lather Burner Series is standardly offered in three separate configurations. The first of these is the style "L". This style offers a 2, 4, or 6 head lathe burner with totally surface mixed heads but without any hoses or VMB controllers.

The style "LA" offers the same setup as the style "L", but with braided stainless steel hoses and VMB-2 controllers added on. The last style is the "CF-LA", which is offered only with 2 or 4 heads. This style has a surface mixed outer fire and a pre-mixed inner fire (customer must specify if hydrogen is to be used) much like that of the CC Burner. It's flame characteristics are very similar to the CC Burner and can give many of the same flame working conditions. The style "CF-LA" also comes with braided stainless steel hoses and VMB-4 controllers.

The lathe burners in the C-702 series have beds and arms that are comprising completely of stainless steel. The C-702 heads are constructed with a brass outer casing and a stainless steel tube matrix. For extra protection against burner degradation, the casings can be made from a resilient stainless steel.

C-705 Lathe Burner

The C-705 Lathe Burners feature 2, 3, 4, and 6 head models. The beds and arms are made from aluminum while the heads have brass outer casings and a stainless steel tube matrix. The burner heads of the C-705 Lathe Series are comparable to the GR Burner and therefor have nearly twice the flame output of the C-702 Lathe Burner Series. The C-705 Lathe Burner heads are totally surface mixed. For a pre-mixed center fire, GR Burners can substitute for any of the C-705 Burner heads in these assemblies other than the two innermost heads.

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NOTE: Do you currently use, or plan on using Hydrogen as a gas? Please view our Hydrogen warning.