Carlisle Machine Works
Lathe Burners

Custom Lathe Burners

Periodically, we at Carlisle are called upon to assist an educated end user in designing special purpose lathe burners with custom designed burners as well. In the two examples shown, we employed the 1880 series burners due to the flexibility in their design and manufacture.

Example 1

Carlisle Custom Lathe Burner Four head 1882 burner system controlled by two VMB-2 control blocks (VMB not shown).

Example 2

Carlisle Custom Lathe Burner Pair of 1880 linear burners specially designed by the end user and Carlisle Engineering. Lots of fire power here. A 10 by 15 array of ports that gives a soft, fluffy flame.

For more information regarding designing a custom lathe burner, please contact your knowledgeable Carlisle representative.

NOTE: Do you currently use, or plan on using Hydrogen as a gas? Please view our Hydrogen warning.