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GR Lathe Burner

Carlisle's GR Burner produces similar flame characteristics to the CC Plus Burner. Much like the CC Plus, the GR is set up with a pre-mixed center fire and a surface mixed outer fire which are independently controlled. The major difference between these two burners is in their body styles. The CC Plus Burner is meant for use as a bench mount burner, the GR is a more versatile head that can be used as a bench burner or a lathe burner. These burners may be used with a mixture of oxygen and either natural gas, propane, or even hydrogen.

The GR is characterized by a shorter body without valves or a mixing chamber. This makes the GR head a lighter burner that can fit into areas where other bench burners cannot. The GR burner is controlled by a set of remote valves such as a VMB-4. This valve metering block has it's own mixing chamber set up with four valves to create three separate outputs. These outputs are gas, oxygen, and gas/oxy mixed for use with the pre-mixed center fire. Most often, the remote valves are connected to the GR Burner through the use of stainless steel braided hosing. If designated, three 72" hoses are supplied with the burner. The GR Burner head can be water cooled as an option.

The GR Burner can be purchased with any of the bases available for the CC Burner Series. This allows the GR to function as a standard bench work torch. Although, the base is easily removed to adapt the GR to a lathe burner assembly. The Lathe Attachment is an adaptive piece that allows the burner head to be mounted onto a lathe's fire carriage. Since there are many different types of lathes, the Carlisle Lathe Attachment is designed with the customer's requirements in mind.

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NOTE: Do you currently use, or plan on using Hydrogen as a gas? Please view our Hydrogen warning.