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Lucio Burner

Carlisle Lucio Bench Burner Designed to meet the needs of the professional soft glass flameworker, the Lucio Burner is the premier torch for sculpting in soft glass. Using low pressure fuel gas and oxygen, this torch provides a soft, wide flame, that promotes less stress in the glass, helping to avoid cracks and allowing the artist to work larger projects.

The burner is fixed to a Mini CC Base, where the burner head is adjustable via a ball joint articulation.

Lucio Limited Edition Burner

Carlisle Lucio Limited Bench Burner Incorporated into the Limited Edition design By Lucio is a rod system that provides 2 inches of vertical height, allowing the operator to get under the flame for larger sculpture. The ever flexible "Crowley" marver can be added on or the porous stainless steel marver that Lucio prefers. Both easily mount on top of the burner.

Lucio Grande Burner

Carlisle Lucio Grande Bench Burner Also offered is a new version of the Lucio torch. At Lucio's request an additional row of ports has been added, allowing the experienced sculptor to attempt even larger projects. The additional row of ports offers the same soft, broad flame as the original model and will fit all Carlisle mounting bases.

Note: The Lucio Burner with the "Dragon Casting" is no longer available.

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