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Black Widow

The Black Widow is a 4 inlet concept torch. The engineers behind the magic gathered advice from every artist that walked through Carlisle's doors. After various trials, the original Black Widow Carlisle Black Widow Bench Burner was born. It was an all surface mixed torch with the center fire built exactly like the ever popular High Oxy Mini CC and is still available in that configuration upon request.

The Widow base is something entirely unique. It can be adjusted vertically to accommodate the standing artist or a larger piece of artwork. The head of the torch is also adjustable in a front-to-back motion (almost straight up or down) and turns 360°.

The Widow is the perfect torch for any Borosilicate worker as well as the soft glass bead maker and sculpture master.

Your choice of center fire!!

The Black Widow has become somewhat of a testing ground for Carlisle based upon requests from the user community. This torch has been configured with pre-mixed and surface mixed center fires with mixed success. The overall favorite though seems to be the all surface mixed model. But most artists want and need the tiny laser-like flame generated by our pre-mixed #3 center fire.

Enter the Piper Series Black Widow

Utilizing the same all surface mixed head shown above, we have fully integrated our Shorty Universal Hand torch on Carlisle Black Widow Piper a quick disconnect for freehand operation. The add on torch will accept any tip from our 15A series of tips. To keep it simple, we offer either the OX-3, equivalent to the #3 tip on the CC torch, or the #5 (OX-5).

As with a number of our torches, The Piper is named after the forward observation plane of World War II, the Piper J4.

We have incorporated enough hose on the hand torch to keep the hose mass manageable and out of your face and your lap. Also with the quick disconnect for the hand torch, you can remove the Shorty and lay it on the bench or leave it in place on top of the Black Widow.

Though we show the max flame below, there are a number of settings in between that will accommodate most of your flame working needs. When you need that tiny powerful flame, just pick up the hand torch and go to work. All of your torching needs in Carlisle Black Widow Max Flame one neat, easy to use package.

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