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Cast Iron Ribbon Burners

Cost effective and designed for use in limited space applications requiring concentrated heat patterns, the Cast Iron Ribbon Burners offered by Carlisle provide a wide range of flexibility with respect to capacities, flame patterns, and sizes. The stainless steel crimped ribbon port construction consistently produces a balanced flame over a wide range of flame patterns. The burner bodies are constructed of cast iron. It is available in flame spaces from 2" to 12" long. It is important to note that the flame space does not reflect the burner's overall length. The Cast Iron Ribbon Burner can be used with a mixture of natural gas, propane, or mixed gas and air. Use of these burners with oxygen is not recommended.

Carlisle Cast Iron Ribbon Burners There are two body styles in this series. The differences between the two are primarily cosmetic. The Style A burner is 1 9/16" wide at its base and tapers at the top of the burner to a 3/4" wide face. The height of the burner is 2 3/16" and the inlet pipe size is 3/4". The Style B burner is 1" wide at it's base and tapers at the top of the burner to a 3/4" wide face. The height of the burner is 1 3/8" and the inlet pipe size is 3/8". The two styles are shown in the pictures of this bulletin.

The recommended premix burner pressure is 1 1/4" W.C. When using a premix system at a pressure higher than 1 1/4" W.C., a restriction orifice can be installed in the feed inlet of the burner to maintain the correct pressure.

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