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Pipe Ribbon Burners

The Pipe Ribbon Burners offered by Carlisle are highly adaptable. They can be used with many gas/air applications. Pipe Ribbon Burners will operate in an atmosphere of steam and may be installed with the flame projecting in any direction. They ignite instantaneously, retain the flame without the use of baffles, and have a very minimal chance of flashback. The Pipe Ribbon Burners can be used with a mixture of natural gas, propane, or mixed gas and air.

Carlisle Pipe Ribbon Burners The Pipe Ribbon Burners are fabricated of extra- heavy wall pipe. They are offered in NPT sizes from 3/8" to 2" and are end fed. The flame space is available from 6" to 192" in 1/2" increments. See the chart for the specific flame space ranges as they correspond to the NPT size of the pipe.

The flame space is made with six rows of ribbon. The stainless steel corrugated ribbon construction creates a multiplicity of ports along the entire flame space of the burner. This allows the soft flame to be evenly distributed across its entire length.

Pipe Ribbon Burners can be custom built to fit the specific needs of our customers. Almost any aspect of the Pipe Ribbon Burners can be altered, including the width of the flame space and the length of the overall pipe. Contact Carlisle with your special requirements.

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