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1400 Series Ribbon Burners

Carlisle 1400 Series Ribbon Burners are used in a variety of warming and surface treating applications. 1400 Series Ribbon Burners feature a brass body construction with stainless steel crimped ribbon providing the porting area. These burners are designed for use with natural gas, propane, mixed gases, and air.

Carlisle 1400 Series Ribbon Burners The 1400 Series Ribbon Burners provide a soft broad flame pattern that reduces streaking and offers a wider warming area. This series of burners also features internal baffles that evenly distribute the fuel gases across the length of the burner. The inlet on the 1400 Series Ribbon Burners.

The 1400 Series Ribbon Burners are offered in lengths up to 15" in increments of 1". Other lengths may be available to meet your custom needs.

Please contact your Carlisle Representative with your custom needs.

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