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1400 Ultra Series Drilled Port Ribbon Burners

The Carlisle 1400 Ultra Series Flaming Burner is engineered to provide maximum flexibility for effective performance, over a broad range of flame treating requirements. This state-of-the-art innovation in flaming burner design produces a large flame envelope, which can be adjusted to allow the burner to be positioned at an optimum distance, to insure proper heat transfer.

Carlisle 1400 Ultra Series Ribbon Burners The Carlisle 1400 Ultra Series Burner can be disassembled for repair and cleaning. Internal filters, as well as burner components, can be easily replaced.

Carlisle Machine Works has been a leader in gas burner technology and burner systems development for over 90 years. Our burners are manufactured using the finest heat resistant alloys and are engineered to provide superior flame control.

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