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Lightweight Blowpipes

Carlisle Lightweight Blowpipes are constructed out of brass. They are made up of two feed tubes which enter a built in mixer chamber. From there the gases then exit through a nozzle to the burner tip. Lightweight Blowpipes are very efficient for production use. They do not have any valves attached to them. By eliminating the valves on the torch, the Lightweight Blowpipe becomes easier to handle with less operator fatigue. The Carlisle Lightweight Blowpipes can be used with a mixture of natural gas, propane, or mixed gas and air.

Carlisle Lightweight Blowpipe The Lightweight Blowpipe's built in mixer chamber is specifically sized for a certain range of gas air tips. The charts show the recommended tips for each Blowpipe size. Other tips can be used with the Carlisle Lightweight Blowpipe Series.

Please contact your Carlisle Representative to see which Blowpipe and tip combination will work best for your needs.

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